Mary E. Brunett, R.N., B.S.N.

Mrs. Mary Brunett, Head Nurse at the Institute, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. As Head Nurse, she supervises the nursing, laboratory, and neurodiagnostic staff and coordinates teaching and nursing staff development.  Since joining the Institute in 1992, she has held various nursing positions, served on a variety of committees, and has been in a leadership role at MHNI since 1998. Prior to joining MHNI, Mrs. Brunett had experience in a variety of clinical settings, including high-acuity inpatient and out-patient clinical settings, primarily within the University of Michigan Health System.

Mary M. Kroll, R.N., B.S.N

Mrs. Mary Kroll, Clinical Coordinator at MHNI, received her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Eastern Michigan University. She serves as clinical assistant to the Director as well as his liaison in promoting quality assurance and patient satisfaction. Mrs. Kroll has held numerous clinical and leadership positions at MHNI since 1990. She has past training and experience in high acuity, post-surgical, and intensive care nursing.

Ivy L. Friess, R.N., B.S.

Mrs. Ivy Friess, Nurse Director of the Head•Pain Treatment Unit at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, received her nursing degree from M.B. Johnson School of Nursing, Elyria, Ohio and B.S. in Health Arts from College of St. Francis, Joliet, Illinois. Mrs. Friess is responsible for nursing operations, staffing, quality, patient/employee satisfaction and budget of the inpatient unit. Prior to coming to Chelsea in 2000, Ivy was a clinical nurse manager of Ambulatory Services and worked in various clinical positions.

Lucinda L. Bruggner, R.N., B.S.N.

Ms. Lucinda (Cindy) Bruggner, New Patient Clinical Coordinator at the Institute, received her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Indiana University. As New Patient Clinical Care Coordinator, she processes all clinical aspects of new patient inquires, including review with the Director of MHNI. Ms. Bruggner has held several leadership positions at the Institute, including Head Nurse. Prior to joining MHNI in 1993, she had extensive training and experience in a variety of clinical settings.