About MHNI

The Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute (MHNI), the nation's first comprehensive head pain treatment and research center, was founded by Dr. Joel Saper in 1978 to provide intensive, balanced treatment of headache and related painful disorders. The Institute has been the only specialty center for head pain that has been awarded national accreditation. MHNI is accredited by the Joint Commission. This award recognizes staff and program excellence and applies national standards of care and operational procedures to a program devoted to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain disorders.

MHNI utilizes a multidisciplinary team of specially trained physicians, physician assistants, Ph.D. psychologists, registered nurses, physical therapists, technicians, and administrative and clerical staff.

The system of care and intensity of services provided by MHNI reflect:
  • The requirements necessary to address complex, difficult-to-treat or diagnose pain conditions
  • The extraordinary time commitment required to evaluate, educate, and treat persons who suffer from chronic pain disorders
  • The experience-proven standard to provide a multidisciplinary, specialized professional staff to achieve optimum and cost-effective outcome results

Divisions of MHNI

Services of MHNI

MHNI has established a broad range of therapeutic, diagnostic, and educational services for patients who attend the Institute. In addition to medical care, a number of other services are available including neurodiagnostic studies; behavioral medicine, neuropsychological, and assessment services; biofeedback and stress management; physical therapy; substance abuse counseling and treatment; and pharmacy consultation.