MHNI Firsts

  • First comprehensive head pain treatment and research center in the world

  • The Institute has provided over 650,000 visits to patients from around the world with severe head pain

  • Nation's first comprehensive specialty center for headache to have been awarded accreditation by the Joint Commission

  • Developed the first comprehensive hospital unit dedicated to the treatment of patients with severe, debilitating, intractable head, neck, or facial pain

  • First published prospective outcome results regarding comprehensive care for severe headaches

  • First formally reported patient satisfaction reports for inpatient and outpatient head pain treatment

  • Developed the first newsletter dedicated to headache-related matters (Headliner)

  • First medical staff to have obtained dual board certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Pain Medicine.

  • First program to address functional rehabilitation for patients with headache and related disorders