Tongue Cramping

Many people experience simple tremors in their tongues. Often the cause is not known. Occasionally it can occur from conditions which affect nerve transmission to the tongue and may or may not involve other motor nerves. A condition referred to as oral mandibular dystonia, or OMD, may also cause these symptoms. This is a localized disturbance of muscular movement causing involuntary contractions which are often repetitive and may involve the mouth, jaw, and/or tongue. It may occur either from disturbances in the brain or from injury to certain nerves.

Sometimes the condition can arise from taking certain medications, such as tranquilizers or other drugs. Generally, the condition is without serious implications, but sometimes a progressive disorder is present.

After the diagnosis is made, treatment ranges from medications to correcting metabolic disturbances, if present, to injecting various medications to reduce the spasms or cramping. This might include botulinum toxin.