Research Department Staff

Jennifer Majestic, RN, CCRP, Director, Clinical Trials, has been on the staff at MHNI since 2002 working in a variety of senior level positions. She oversees staff training, and has developed a successful subject recruitment program resulting in meeting or exceeding enrollment goals well within target timelines.

Michelle Riggs, RN, CCRP, Manager, Clinical Trials, has been a primary Study Coordinator for clinical trials in Acute and Chronic Migraine, Post-Herpetic Neuralgia, and many others. Michelle Riggs also has significant experience in a clinical research organization (CRO) as a Safety Associate, Project Lead, Workflow Manager, Global Safety and PV Scientist.

Elizabeth Beiser, RN, Clinical Research Coordinator, has been a Study Coordinator in the Research Division since 2020 and was a Clinic Nurse at MHNI since 2016. She has experience in head pain management, home-care nursing, operation room nursing, and has an extensive background in marketing in advertising.

Diana Rus, BS, Clinical Research Associate, is the primary study recruiter for the MHNI Research Division, She provides a wide range of regulatory, administrative, and marketing support to the clinical studies throughout all phases, and has a background in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience.