Participant's Rights

MHNI Research Project Participant Rights

As a clinical study participant you have certain rights prior to and during the research study. You have the right to:

  • Decline participation or withdraw from the trial at any time without prejudice or loss of future treatment
  • Ask questions at any time concerning the study or study drug
  • Seek compensation for complication or injury resulting from the trial
  • Be informed of any significant new finding(s) that may affect your willingness to continue participation
  • Be provided a formal 'Informed Consent'. Informed Consent is a written agreement that you or your representative signs indicating your willingness to participate in research, after you have been fully informed of the nature of that research. Informed Consent may not include any language that appears to free the research physician, the treatment's manufacturer, or the medical institution conducting the research from the normal standard of care for your well being. You should give consent only after you have been given all the necessary information and have had enough time to consider whether you wish to participate.