MHNI Featured on Today Show

Under the direction of NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, a NBC crew spent a day at MHNI with Dr. Saper learning about the Institute and its multidisciplinary approach to headache medicine. Dr. Saper was extensively interviewed. The program focused on a patient who spent a week at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea (formerly Chelsea Community Hospital) in the Head-Pain Treatment Unit.  The patient obtained significant relief from chronic migraines and was able to discontinue taking pain medication for the first time in years.  The feature culminated with a live on-air procedure being performed at Chelsea Community Hospital.  As Dr. Saper provided commentary, Dr. Shamas Moheyuddin performed a cervical facet block to reduce the patient’s neck pain which had contributed to the frequent migraine headaches.

Watch Drs. Saper and Moheyuddin at work on the Today show: