Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraine

Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraine is a beautiful new book compiled and edited by Betsy Baxter Blondin. It contains visual and written works of art created by migraineurs and their allies, with the goal of sharing hope, and promoting further understanding of this debilitating disease. A longtime editor, writer, and migraine survivor, Ms. Baxter Blondin explains:

For many years I have wanted to publish a book to combine written and visual art, providing a platform for creative expressions of people who live with migraine while intrinsically promoting a better understanding of it. The courage and strength it takes to live with migraine, while managing to enjoy families, maintain friendships, earn academic degrees, have successful careers, and sometimes just get out of bed in the morning, is phenomenal. That strength and courage as well as a wealth of talent are apparent in the expressions of pain, fear, and aloneness, hope, optimism, and accomplishments of the representative group of worldwide migraineurs with work in this book.
Cover of Migraine Expressions book
MHNI is proud to promote the realization of Betsy Baxter Blondin's dream in Migraine Expressions, as well as the creative expressions of all those who contributed. To purchase this book at a discounted rate, learn more about the project, or view sample pages, please visit