Why a Head Pain Specialty Center?

  • All staff are exclusively devoted to and trained in the treatment and evaluation of head pain and related illnesses. This helps to ensure that MHNI patients receive the most advanced, state-of-the-art care from dedicated professionals experienced and trained in the illness, helping to avoid over-utilization of health care resources and repetitive, ineffective interventions.
  • The Institute has been treating the nation's headaches with experience, knowledge, and commitment for more than thirty years.
  • The Institute has provided over 600,000 visits to patients from around the world with severe head pain.
  • The center is dedicated to the prevention of avoidable clinical deterioration, unnecessary surgery and other procedures, and iatrogenic disease (treatment-induced).
  • The center is dedicated to returning individuals to their normal physical and mental activity in work, home, and social settings.
  • The Institute adheres to strict staff requirements, which include extensive experience and training in the treatment of complex headache disorders, with a formal credentialing process.