Patient Reviews/Testimonials

Below are reviews and comments that MHNI has received from some of its patients following their treatment at the Institute. Submit a review

"I was a patient at MHNI in the 1980's and 90's. I have not had a migraine for 20 years, since I stopped taking Estrogen, except for an occassional headache relieved by Excedrin and my Biofeedback exercises. I want to thank you for your kindness during all those years and the excellent care I received. You really did chage my life. I am 85 now and living in a CCRC in Arizona and still active." S.C., 2021

"I came to MHNI 30 years ago with migraines. No local doctor could help, so one referred me to MHNI. I spent one day at the clinic with Dr. Saper and his staff. In this visit he diagnosed, treated and freed me of headaches for 30 years! Last year I had a different type of headache: cervicogenic. I came back and worked with Drs. Weintraub and Dr. Moheyuddin. After a facet block (minor out patient procedure) and some meds in a few months and a few revisits, I was headache free AGAIN! To say these people are miracle workers is no exaggeration. They gave me my active life back TWO TIMES. You may use my name, because I am so grateful and I would like you to help as many people as you can." - - R.H., 2019

"I have suffered headaches for over 30 years with migraines thrown in there as well. The last few years have gotten so much worse, I got to bed with a headache and wake up with a headache. This goes on for several weeks at a time. My last neurologist had tried everything, medication, sleep apnea, occipital nerve blocks and nothing was working over the 3 years I spent with him. He actually said "I can't do anything more for you, I'm out of options and ideas". So he referred me to MHNI. I of course like many others was extremely skeptical, but upon arrival I was treated with such kindness and understanding. They do an amazing job of looking at your full history and asking questions and actually listening to what you say. They took me off medications I had been on for years and replaced them with different ones as well as refer me for some light physical therapy for my neck. I can honestly say that was 3 months ago and I went from taking on average 6 OTC medications on a daily basis to get relief (didn't help) and now I have taken 2 total in the 3 months. I wake up headache free and I go to bed headache free. I can honestly say I've had maybe 4-5 headaches...I feel like I can finally live a normal life! When you do follow up appointments they are just as caring as your first appointment. Words can't describe how much I appreciate MHNI and I am so glad I took a chance with that initial skeptical appointment." - - C.C., 2018

"This note is long overdue yet no less warranted than if I wrote it the day I returned from MHNI. I have suffered from migraines for over 40 years and the increased frequency and severity was finally wearing me down. After my initial visit with Dr. Saper and subsequent in-patient treatment, I am thoroughly amazed, relieved and appreciative of the expertise, care, focus and results that were obtained. The team of care-givers was truly amazing! The strategic approach with multi-disciplined caregivers; including the nursing team, physicians, physical therapist and every one in between were each sincerely ingrained in the process and focused on my success. I feel like I have an absolutely new lease on life due to my experience at MHNI. The opportunity to interact with other patients both informally and in group activities also helped me understand that I am not alone with this condition. Now - I have the capacity to have fun, enjoy my family and work with minimal impact by my headaches. Finding a "preventative" treatment has SO changed my life. I can't thank Dr. Prestagaard, Dr. Saper and ALL of the team enough. The thought of going to Michigan from Florida was initially daunting, but it was worth the impact and enhancement to my life - and my family's. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" - - S.C., 2018

“I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  For the past four months and many years I have had severe headaches, mostly migraines.  I have seen countless doctors and none of them ever looked at me from a “whole body” point of view.  None of them thought to look at my neck as a cause or potential cause for my migraines.  For the first time in a very long time I have a lead to follow.  That gives me so much hope for the future.  So thank you for looking at each of your patients as individuals and not just a statistic. My severe headaches were greatly helped by the nerve blocks and lumbar puncture, along with the medicine changes that you made.”  --P.S., 2017

“The epidural nerve block has helped with my neck and for the first time in many years, I am able to turn my head without pain and my shoulders aren’t “in my ears” anymore. Know that my family and I are so grateful for all you do at MHNI and at the Head Pain Unit in Chelsea.  You give hope and relief. Many blessings and much Thanks.”     --J.L., 2017

“I have never met such an endearing ensemble of employees who go above and beyond in all of their tasks.  I love and cherish you all.  Thank you for this special attention given to me at this time…I will think of all of you often.  Thank you so much – May you always be as happy as you make your patients.”     --S.J., 2017

"I had my first migraine when I was 7 years old. Sixty-five years later, I was still suffering from intractable, severe migraine that had grown more painful and frequent over the years. By the time I was referred to MHNI, it was my last hope for any meaningful and effective intervention. I resolved before I arrived that I would do everything I was told, and I would hold on to hope throughout the whole process. My prayers were answered. There are several variables that contributed to my remarkable progress. Meeting with the treatment team every morning gave me the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and gain confidence daily. Having nurses and technicians who were entirely devoted to patient care and used their expertise in both medicine and the cumulative effects of chronic pain meant that I was treated to gold standard care 24/7. I liked the activities that we could participate in, but the therapy dogs were the best activity for almost all of us. For once, we could share informally about our "real" lives, talk about our pets at home, and find friends among our co-sufferers. The combined effect meant for me that I was supported emotionally, physically, and spiritually throughout the first phase of my journey toward redeeming my life. Dr. Saper and his team create an atmosphere where hope is nourished and despair is acknowledged but not encouraged. I can never thank everyone enough for giving me the strength to embrace my life again."--H.P., 2017

"Sorry that it has been so long since I have been at the Institute, but the years have passed and times have changed. I have progressed in my headaches and learned how to take care of them BEFORE they get out of hand. Knowledge is the key. Learning through classes at Chelsea has been an invaluable lesson over the years. I have passed this knowledge on to many and feel better for it. The staff is tremendous, however I feel I owe my gratitude to my friend Dr. Saper, whom I shall never forget for his diligence to those in such excruciating pain. God Bless you. I remain a true friend."--B.P., 2017

"I would like to thank Dr. Weintraub and the rest of your staff for the excellent care you've given me over the last couple years. I am back attending college classes and feeling back to normal. My family physician will continue the medications you've put me on and monitor my progress. Thank you for giving me my life back!" --J.V., 2017

"I went to my initial appointment not sure what to expect. I was feeling kind of cynical, as I have never had any relief in the past, from any other provider. I had gotten used to doctors not listening and not really being interested. - - A.K., 2016

This experience was completely different. - - H.K., 2016

Everyone was kind and interested. I felt like I was completely checked over from head to toe. Finally, at the end of the day, Dr. Saper came up with a diagnosis that had never been consider by anyone before, but which made such common sense. He delivered a first treatment that day and I had the first headache relief I had felt in well over 30 years. I was sold! Then the team of providers came together and presented my husband I with a plan that we really felt would work. We left that appointment full of hope. We talked about it during our 4.5 hour drive home. I feel like I have a chance to live a normal life that is not full of head pain. So grateful to have found this place!!"
--J.L., - - 2016

"My wife had spent roughly 12 years seeking the premier medical specialists in some of America's largest cities, (Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston) each with vast medical resources to resolve and alleviate her chronic medical condition with few successful results. The best physicians finally recommended MHNI to help after others had tried unsuccessfully. The physicians, staff, and facility were exclusively able to provide the care and comfort through their collective expertise with great success. She is able to live a happier and more fulfilled life with the pain relief she sought for over a decade. We highly recommend MHNI to those who seek relief and a better life." --D.S., 2016

"Everyone was very professional and caring. They listened to what I had to say and did not belittle any of my symptoms or my past history with migraines. I truly believe the staff would like to see all patients succeed in the treatment program, and I would not hesitate to come back for a 'tune-up' if necessary in the future." --P.S.B., 2015

"I received more help at MHNI in one day than I did in five years at [a nationally-known clinic]. If you have chronic migraines, I highly recommend making an appointment."--T.R.R., 2015

"Extremely pleased with my care and the professionalism of the doctors, staff and support staff. Attention to every detail was their utmost importance to my care and I could not have been in better hands. Thank you for everything and I look forward to taking my life back."
--C.S.K., 2015

"I am an MHNI patient and love every part of their program! I have been there eight-and-a-half years and for most of that time in a very manageable spot. With some other setbacks the migraines increased--it was most wonderful to have a team of doctors and nurses that will work double time to get you back to that comfortable spot. Again, I love MHNI!"--M.C.B., 2015

"Most dedicated doctors and nurses I have ever met." --B.J.C., 2015

"Exceptional care was given to me."--A.W., 2015

"[Dr. Saper is an] excellent communicator, liked his thoughtfulness, would have liked more drug trials to select from more options. I understand time was limited and choices need to be made."
--R.L. on, October 2015

"The best place to go for migraines!! Awesome and caring doctors."
--K.M.R., Brighton, MI, September 2015

"Thank you for helping me, and even more thanks from my family... They know now that mommy is going to be okay!"
--J.V.C., Howell, MI, September 2015

"Dr. Saper has given me new hope in dealing with chronic migraines for 50 years. He is dedicated to helping all people with all types of head pain. He is open with you that there is not a cure for chronic pain but he and his team treat all factors that are part of dealing with chronic pain. I feel so blessed to have been able to become a patient of Dr. Saper. Thank you so much for your many years of caring for folks like me. God bless you and your team with lots of love, laughter and good health! See you soon :)"
--L.L.B. on, September 2015

"Very caring environment, made possible by all of the folks who were part of my treatment. It was wonderful to be taken care of by people who truly understand my condition and who truly understand head pain management."
--K.P., on UCompareHealthCare, September 2015

"Dr. Saper is a great listener to the problems I was having and worked to solve them."
--B.R.B. on, September, 2015

"Everything was superb with the exception of the first night. Since one can expect extreme nausea with OTC, something other than oral anti-nausea medication would have made the let down a lot smoother. Other than that, my visit exceeded my expectations. My every need was met and all the staff have the patience of saints. Every procedure was explained in detail and I knew I was in the best headache facility in the country. I am leaving here a new woman."
--Val on, August 2015

"Dr. Saper is great at answering all questions I had and explaining them in a way that was easy to understand. He was great at making sure to rule out all possible causes and attempt all procedures he thought may be helpful. The clinical staff was extremely responsive to concerns of mine as they arose. I was amazed at how fast MHNI was able to get me in and be seen and I truly appreciated them pushing the process along and taking into account my need to return back home and to school. The nursing staff was absolutely amazing and provided excellent care. They were all very knowledgeable of the medications that were being used and were great at offering suggestions on which abortives might be helpful."
--K.R.S. on, August 2015

"I am very pleased with all of the doctors and staff. I believe coming here has given me a new beginning on life.", July 2015

"Dr. Saper has helped me get my life back. The inpatient program has been so well designed and truly has helped me to find more relevant ways to cope with my pain at an emotional, mental and overall much healthier level. Thank you, Dr. Saper for your patience and sharing your years of experience with the world. It is a true pleasure to have been under your care.", July, 2015

"They saved my life. ALL the staff were wonderful and caring! Dealing with migraines for 41 years has been a nightmare BUT no longer! 9 neck surgeries later I am leaving with pain relief. With my neck being a mess and the pain so severe when I came in, I see a ray of sunshine in my life now!"
-- N.E., Concord, NH, July 2015

"I have been in 8 hospitals and never have received such great and caring treatment. Please do not change the wonderful care all the patients receive. This helped me greatly with the horrible pain I have had the last 14 years. God Bless you all."
-- E.S., Grosse Pointe, MI, April 2015

"They gave my daughter her life back, I swear by this place. I tell people all the time, and keep business cards close. They are a great team of kind, caring and great listeners!"
--S.H., Howell, MI, November 2014
"Moving forward with gratitude! Very pleased and totally amazed at Dr. Saper and the entire staff! What excellence and professionalism. This team of doctors saved my life! After suffering from headaches for 14 years and over two surgeries, numerous procedures, and far too many took Dr. Saper and Dr. Da Silva 30 minutes to determine I had low spinal fluid issues. I would recommend anyone to come to them for help. From the nurses to the hospital to the each person affiliated, I cannot express enough gratitude for the thoughtfulness and kindness they showed me. What an amazing feeling it is to have my life back!"
--K.B., Rainbow City, AL, November 2014
"I'm still on my way to feeling better, but I'm so thankful for my doctors (and the staff) at MHNI. Things have gotten so much better for me, and my head or my meds take a turn for the worse, I feel so much better knowing that they are there for me. Before coming here, I went through doctor after doctor who had no idea what to do with me. I was pretty hopeless. But now, I have no more anxiety about my pain because I know MHNI is always there. Thank you for helping me (and continuing to help) get my life back!"
--T.F., Ann Arbor, MI, October 2014
"Best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Awesome experience. Everyone was so kind and professional. They took the time to listen to my questions and then give me the answers. Very understanding of my problems and offered valuable solutions."
--W.S., Boaz, AZ, October 2014
"Dr. Saper leads an excellent team and runs and effective program. I would certainly recommend MHNI to anyone with complicated head pain."
--A.M., Atlanta, GA, October 2014
"The staff at MHNI and at the inpatient Head Pain Unit are very knowledgeable, having a depth of experience with conditions such as chronic migraine. The treatment both during my inpatient stay as well as the outpatient treatment plan developed are, and will be, very helpful in managing my condition of chronic migraine. A big 'Thank you!!' to all the staff of MHNI and the Head Pain Unit."
--T.N., Franklin, TN, October 2014
"It has been 90 days since my Radio Frequency Ablation. My head pain has been reduced by 75%. Dr. Da Silva is now working of the final 25%. Will we get there? Who knows? If anyone can find the answers to your head pain, the MHNI team can. This is truly a world class team. I spent five years slowly going downhill. After a few months the MHNI team has restored me to a functioning person. I have some days of zero head pain. Candidly, I still have an occasional bad day but rarely. I travel a long distance to my MHNI appointments but it is well worth the effort. If you decide to go to MHNI, trust their experience and trust their protocols."
--W.W., August 2014
"Dr. Saper was very thorough in his evaluations of my migraines and cervical issues. He provided excellent discharge information and advice and I feel very comfortable coming back to MHNI/CCH when/if needed in the future. I would also like to give my other Physicians, Nurses and Team so many thanks for all their hard, thoughtful, caring, kind, and gentle work. Without the daily care of these individuals I would have felt lost, and they helped me feel so much more at ease on a daily basis. You really have an excellent team, and of that I am so appreciative."
--Vitals.comMay 2014
"MHNI saved my life…After an auto accident I was left with a daily headache and after years of suffering I met Dr. Saper by accident and I truly was giving up… He not only redirected my care to truly meet my needs but truly saved my life… Thank you all for all you do…You are truly life changers."

--A.T., January 2014

"Dr. Saper was excellent! He was very thorough and genuinely concerned with helping my daughter get better. He wanted to get to the root of the problem instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it. We were able, through the team, to find the reason for her headaches and also bring the pain down to the lowest its been in 3 months. The team also was able to find a maintenance program through trial and error of medicines. This was the best experience ever."
--B.F., January 2014 

"I really have no complaints. The doctors at MHNI were aggressive with treatment and got the job done!!! I was starting to give up on ever fixing my headaches, until I heard about you. I was still skeptical at first because I always get my hopes up just to be let down again. But right from the start it gave me a sense of hope, and a battle not to give up on. I cannot thank everyone enough for there time, support, and wonderful care that I have received here. Everyone is always smiling, and the nurses are always so willing to actually take the time to explain things to me. I cannot thank Dr. Saper and his wonderful team enough for what they have created here and for the services they continue to provide!!! You truly have changed my life forever, I could not have gotten through this with out my husband and family, bless their hearts. Now after I have kids I can imagine all the things I will not miss and start thinking about all the things I can be there for!!! Thank you to everyone who played such a role in this whole process. You are AMAZING!!!"
--M.L., September, 2013

"This is to let you know how grateful I am to you and to say that for the last few months I have begun living. Thanks to you, for the first time in nearly 40 years I'm able to plow ahead and participate."
--C.T., Sarasota, Florida

"You have my heartfelt gratitude and deepest thanks....I have had no headaches since I have been home. Thanks for your wonderful care and concern."
--C.S., Lima, Ohio

"Since I left the Institute, my headaches have steadily lessened in intensity, and there are now periods each day that are virtually pain-free for me. This is such a marvelous improvement. It has really made my life so very much better."
--M.B., Laramie, Wyoming

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for your treatment, help, and kind caring. You and your staff were highly competent and caring, and the treatment and guidance received were excellent. My son says that his headache has now ceased for the first time in the last year and that he is again experiencing and thoroughly enjoying a sense of wellness and normality."
--A.M., Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank you for all of your love and support. You are all so very special to me! It's been a pretty tough year for me, as you know. Your wonderful care got me through. I can't thank you enough."
--L.F., Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help. I've been home nearly a week and haven't had one #5 headache. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for your clinic."
--V.L., Manteno, Illinois

"Thank you so much for turning what could have been a highly stressful visit into a reassuring and helpful realization that I don't have to live with chronic pain. I will recommend MHNI every chance I get. It's good to know you're only a phone call away."
--T.S., St. Joseph, Michigan

"My life has been changed here. I never thought I'd be out of pain -- or almost out of pain. I thank you with so very much gratitude."
--P.M., Schoolcraft, Michigan

"I want to thank you so very much for your clinic and knowledge with migraine headaches as well as all other types of headaches. I just don't know the proper words to express to you how I feel. I never realized how debilitating the headaches were until I didn't have them every day. I'm so very grateful for what you have done, not just for me but also for my family."
--C.L., Juneau, Alaska

"Where do I begin and what can I say to express my gratitude and humble thanks. I became headache-free...first time since adolescence. As a boy I thought everyone hurt when they ran hard or jumped. I did not know the difference. So you can only imagine my surprise when not only did I not have a migraine, I had no head pain of any kind. Remarkable. Your clinic and head pain unit at Chelsea cannot be topped. Not only have you restored me, you have changed me into a happy, better person, a discovery in life for the first time!"
--M.G., Gowen, Michigan

"Everyone I have come in contact with (doctors, nurses, volunteers, etc.) has been outstanding. I was treated with the utmost respect and kind hospitality that I haven't felt anywhere else that I've been. The nurses offered more than their knowledge and expertise....They offered themselves."
--J.B., Lake Zurich, Illinois

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything. Keep up the good job you are all doing."
--D.M.S., Saginaw, Michigan

"I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you for the wonderful care that I received during this short time that I consulted with you in regard to my neurological symptoms at MHNI. In many cases because of the "mysterious" nature of my symptoms and no clear cause or cure to my illness, I have not been well received by much of the medical community and really appreciated the seriousness, thoughtfulness, and care that was given to me at MHNI. I really felt understood, that you truly cared about my predicament, and that you were very conscientious in responding to my needs. This really meant a lot to me because in the past I was either not taken seriously by health care providers or if I was, no treatment was available. And finally I would like to commend you on your good "customer service" skills. It is clear to me that you not only want to provide quality health care but also offer it at a competitive cost with flexible scheduling and payment options."
--C.W., Ann Arbor, Michigan

"A short note of gratitude to your staff for their quick diagnosis of my cluster headache problem. My various physicians have been treating this as a sinus problem since age 18. After a thorough exam at your facility, medication was prescribed, and I have not had a recurrence...."
--T.M., Northville, Michigan

"From the receptionist, to the nursing staff, to the phone nurse, to the lab techs, to the doctors, I have always felt as if I have been given the utmost respect, care, and compassion that I, as a migraine patient, deserve. Many health care professionals could take some important lessons from you at MHNI. A job well done to you all!!!"  --G.P., Holland, Ohio

"I know my headache condition probably gives you a 'headache' at times, but I want to thank you for not giving up on me. I just want you to know how much you are appreciated."
--N.D., Livonia, Michigan

"My life has just been saved! For some time I have unsuccessfully battled totally disabling, daily head pain and lost all hope. Life had become worthless. But at the Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute a control for my chronic severe head pain disorder was found."
--D.V., Naples, Florida

"I wanted to write and thank you for the kind, considerate, caring way you treated my sister. Your entire staff is wonderful. I think the way you involve the entire family is so helpful. Thank you once again for your diligence and care. Keep up the fantastic work."
--P.B., Battle Creek, Michigan

"I can honestly say that I feel like a new person. My mood has changed a great deal, and I am finally beginning to lead a normal life again. I thank you very much for the way I feel. I feel very fortunate that I was able to be in your head pain program. This has changed the rest of my life, so I will never forget it."
--C.F., Madison, Wisconsin

"I want to thank you all for your kindness and understanding. I realize I am a challenging patient -- but felt very fortunate that you would share your time and wisdom so graciously. I feel about 100% better...Thank you for not giving up on me."
--K.B., Wahpeton, North Dakota

"I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional quality of care that has been offered to my wife these past several months. The thoroughness of your approach to patient care, coupled with your understanding of the impact that chronic pain can have on the quality of one's life, has for the first time given my wife and I a glimmer of hope for her future."
--CT, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Thanks for your caring, compassionate knowledge! I can honestly say I've had my first (I hope of many) pain-free days. Thanks for everything."
--V.R., Jackson, Michigan

"It's been almost two years without headaches..."
--J.S., Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I warmly thank you for all of the care, efficiency, kindness, and friendliness you showed me....Many thanks. Keep up the good work."
--N.G., London, England

"Thank you for all you've done for our daughter. You made a first time away from home a very pleasant know her safety and health were in good hands."
--K.B., Romulus, Michigan